tearing me apart

i will never forget how loud your laugh were, in the fucking video. i don't deserve those from you. it can't ever be traced. lucky that slut.

to be honest

i can barely recognize you, ammar fiqri. i just miss the old days. we don't know each other anymore.

Screaming inside

It was 4 months ago. Fine. But do you realized it was also 2013. And it is also just A text message. I know my fault. And i'm sorry. What has happened, has happened. I can't turn back the time, if i could, i will fix everything up and make evrything back to normal again.

Tom Fletcher's Wedding Speech

this is a must watch video, please view.


i wish my husband will do the same.


im an anti-socialist. stay away from me!


i wish i'd know nothing. cause it's all vain now. sheesh. whatever lah doh. cause whatever happens, let a smile takes it all away lah kan.

the preparations

so, everything is sorta ready. i'm back to school!

the luggage
the socks
the backpack
the basket of magical thoughts
the telekung
the new pink pail *wink*
the towel, blanket, pahlawan bedsheet and blanket again
the bottle of quenching thirst
the books to kill boredom
the files of homeworksssssssss
the garments
p.s. he'll be back within less than 24 hours in time, can't wait