day second.

alone, again. sigh, again. cry, again. missing you, again.

hello dee, it was like every morning you'll wake me up sending text or even call me when you got extra credits. yeah, it was a fresh start for my everyday. it seems awkward without your text or phone call this morning, the day seems gloomy. i have no strength to walk through the day without you in Malaysia. but, distance will never gonna separate us right? the more distance we are, the closer our heart will be. nothing would change the fact, is it? oh, and usually, we used to talk till late night, but its way different tonight. my phone didn't ring with your text, well i just wish for one text at least. but its okay. i just wish i can talk to you now, hearing your voice and laughter, i miss the moment you sang for me in bus during our trip to bukit tinggi last saturday and also, it was our monthsary. never thought that we'll go to this far. you are the sweetest man i've ever met, you see. i miss everything about you, boo. i love you.


breathe to the deepest.

the old posts had already been deleted. let's just have a new start, shall we? hihi. cheers baby! forget the past and welcome to the surprising future, oh my, i hate surprise! daym. okay, let it be. move on syaa, move on. chin up, with broad chest, i'll just walk confidently to where the sun shines and will always careful of the dark that will attack anytime it wants.