remember this tshirt? remember this typical smile? remember this lady? these are all yours.

remember when we were form 2? we used to be very shy on each other. blushed everytime we met and felt cocky to talk, everything seems awkward. i once cried in front of you. i felt ashame of myself and i swore that i would never cry in front of you again, wish to act as a tough one but you always told me that you wanted to be there whenever i'm not okay, a cry shoulder of mine, yes you were. yet, you we always argued on things like, my-guy-bestfriend and things that were related to other men. however, we managed to endure all the resistances.

things went quit well when we were in form3. the year that i wish i could repeat back then. we used to smile at each other every morning, you sent me small notes and pasted it in my locker or else, you would just pretended to meet your friend and actually your intention was to catch a gesture on me. during KH period, we used to glance at each other and sometimes you winked at me. but as a normal lovebirds, we occasionally cried and argued on silly things. you would always chase for me and never went away if i asked you to go. first anniversary went sucks, but its okay. i still love you. PMR, we sat side by side, finally achieved the 8A's glory together. Alhamdulillah.

and now, this year, 2012. i pray for the best. not to argue silly things again, at least, argue less. minimize the jealousy, woah, kinda hard. and to love and be loved to no end. sekian, Assalamualaikum.

chasing pavements.

should i give up or should i just keep chasing pavements?


i do hurt, i love you.