abieeee, the fatty boom boom
 future mummy *heee
 have faith, ammar dan ewey ;)
 gambar dgn pengantin kot!
 oh myy -.- adik pengantin, OVER!
 sooner or later, kn ieda? insya Allah :)
 girls just wanna have fun!
 cermin rumah, yeah
 bitches by the lake, hihi
 syok sendiri, perhaps? :P
 makan makan makan
 we are gorgeous, aren't we?
my daughters with aunty ieda, hekk :)

lee junho.

nak sangap jap boleh? alaa, kejap je. tak curang pun. janji tak! hihi.

 "listen to my heartbeat, it's beating for you"
"listen to my heartbeat, it's waiting for you"

ammar fiqri, i still love you no matter what, you're the best, no worry :D


  • is cute
  • spins me around with his arms
  • cuddles me with love
  • dances with me in the rain
  • tells me i'm beautiful
  • just want to have fun
  • whispers "i love you" on bad day
  • holds my hand
  • long walks just to talk
  • confesses all his feelings
  • late night phone calls
  • adorable smile
  • tickle fights

one thing.

when he says,
"i have the prettiest and perfect girlfriend, i don't want any other else except for this girl :)"
my heart suddenly melts.