i always stare at amazing people and secretly wishing i could be that amazing too. i wonder if anyone has ever looked at me and think the same way.

dear you,

               she'll never ask you for more than just to love her. she has feeling to been taking care of someone she trusts the most which is you. she'll never trust you if she doesn't love you. she is having faith in you, so be with her. don't let her feel unwanted because she knows somehow you'll treat her the way she doesn't like, without you acknowledging it. she is so sensitive and can cry easily. she is not as tough as you expected her to be. she is fragile, accept her the way she is. don't simply hate her because she'll always think for the good side of you whenever you guys had an argument. please know, she hurts a lot now, and she hopes that you'll do something. she just hopes for the best of you guys because she's just too tired of being disappointed. she misses the old times of you guys btw.



dear heart, please be strong.


najihah zamri.

im gonna miss you :(


just a glance of camwhore.


strike by jealousy when i read her blog, again and over again. eventhough dah lama dah that thing happen, tp you know women kan,

how lucky she is boleh teach you how to play piano. how lucky she is dapat 'goodluck' from you, though i selalu dapat pun -,- how lucky she is, she felt for you. how lucky she is, dia dapat lupakan her past boyfriend just by falling for you. how lucky she is, to know you

how lucky you are, chosen to beloved by someone who is not your girlfriend.  how lucky you are, labelled as a humble and kindhearted one. how lucky you are, to sit on a same bench with a girl who knows how to play piano. how lucky you are, to sit with a pretty girl for about 45 minutes playing piano. 

and how lucky i am, the song that you guys practiced is my favourite instrumental, river flows in you.

boo, help me to get rid of this jealousy, will you?
athirah shasha, i am sorry babe :| what past is past kan? i am sorry for bringing up the issue back. psychology problem. 


sounds disgusting, tp maksud tersirat dia, sho shweet :')

light ray.

oh my god!

she is smoking hot!

hihihihihihihihihihi :3

syawal :')

  • sedih sebab amalan dah tak dilipat gandakan
  • sedih sebab syaitan dah ada balik nak menghasut supaya tak solat and buat benda jahat
  • sedih sebab keberkatan dah kurang
  • sedih sebab tak ada terawih dah lepas isyak
  • sedih sebab tak iftar dah dgn kawan kawan, esp *hanys, diba, ain, ecah (tablemate)
  • sedih sebab tak payah bangun sahur dah
  • sedih sebab takut tak jumpa ramadhan yg akan datang

Ya Allah, berilah hambaMu ini peluang untuk beribadah kepadaMu lagi. Amin.


close your eyes, shut the world up and let your dream become your sweetest reality, syaa! *please don't wake me up, goodnight*

yongseo couple.

my perfect two :)

once upon a time..

growing sixteen, yet, the 'hole' is still there :)


can't you see how much i miss you? :|

just like what i think.


will you play the rhythmic sound of piano for me one day?


i'm plain in and out.

random #2.


dear heart keeper.

i need you, i just need you right now :|


i am utterly exasperated of all these dramas. there is always a conflict whenever an episode starts.

truth spilled.

kalau kau memang tak suka tengok aku dgn ammar bahagia, kenapa tak cakap je terus? kenapa tak terus terang je kat aku? kenapa mesti cakap belakang? btw, apa salah aku sampai kau benci aku dgn ammar? aku nk buka puasa dgn dia pn kena kutuk? kawan apa ni weh? depan depan kau baik, belakang aku? mcm mcm bullshit kau cakap. kenapa org lain couple kau elok je? kenapa bila aku, kau kutuk bagai nak gila? apa yg kau benci sgt kat aku ni? kenapa? aku tak setaraf kawan kawan kau yg kaya, so damn pandai, famous, yg layak berkawan dgn kau tu je? kalau kau fikir kau bagus sgt, tlg lah sedar, kau bukan siapa siapa untuk menjajah minda kitorang semua ni, kau bukan raja nk bg org kawan aku ke tak, kau bukan parents aku nk bagi  aku stay dgn ammar ke tak. puas lah hati kau kan? puas hati kutuk aku?!


dear you.

happy 28th monthsary :)

perfect you.

when they asked me what i loved most about life, i smiled and said you :)

a big deal.

i can't wait to start a very new life, with the same old personality and to meet new people who don't know my past reality, it makes me live in anxiety.

girls' secret.


lelaki, pantang nampak perempuan cantik. suka lah kan?


"friend in need is a friend indeed"

terharu baru lepas baca blog ieda, izzah and hanina :") 

i love you guys to the eternity, resilient babies, sumpah.

under the moonlight.

well, this is a shitty beauty shot of mine. eventhough tak jadi, tapi, tunjuk je lah. saja nak bajet bajet jap, hihi :3

sugar sugar.

i live my life for you, thank you for everyday that we had been through together. forever and always, darling.

aisya aqilah.

thank you sayang, for the 'A for Awesome' tshirt ;)

 please know that kak syaa will always love you.


i'm pathetic, i'm sowwyyyy boo :(