dear you,

               she'll never ask you for more than just to love her. she has feeling to been taking care of someone she trusts the most which is you. she'll never trust you if she doesn't love you. she is having faith in you, so be with her. don't let her feel unwanted because she knows somehow you'll treat her the way she doesn't like, without you acknowledging it. she is so sensitive and can cry easily. she is not as tough as you expected her to be. she is fragile, accept her the way she is. don't simply hate her because she'll always think for the good side of you whenever you guys had an argument. please know, she hurts a lot now, and she hopes that you'll do something. she just hopes for the best of you guys because she's just too tired of being disappointed. she misses the old times of you guys btw.



dear heart, please be strong.