eh pak cik, apa yang busy sangat sampai susah nak reply msg? ronggeng eh? --.
i'm totally pissed off.


alalala, sho shweet kan? kan? kan?
atotototo, schumill kan? haha.
kfine. nampak sangat tak ada kerja tu -.-

kepada ieda; aku tahu, kau ada bakat tangkap tangkap gambar ni. mcm ayah aku, ecececeh ;) kau ada future, jgn dengar ckp "anda" tu. and, kau boleh dapat yg lagi up-to-date daripada galaxy note. believe me! you have to earn something to get something. *ayat narisha dgn dania. cehh :P

kepada aliah; sial lah jai! kau dapat 2 kasut kt kenanga? -.- kakak kau yg kahwin, kau pulak yg over eh. haha. kurang asam. walau apa apa pun, aku tetap jealous sbb kau dapat kasut! -.- btw, kirim salam kt tiang eh. hikhik.


Kehebatan Cinta by Jamal Abdillah and Francisca Peter

"tahukah engkau betapa hebat cintaku? tanpamu di sisi aku keresahan"
"tahukah engkau betapa hebat kasihku? tanpamu di sis aku kerinduan"
jiwang  nya syaa  ;)


 abieeee, the fatty boom boom
 future mummy *heee
 have faith, ammar dan ewey ;)
 gambar dgn pengantin kot!
 oh myy -.- adik pengantin, OVER!
 sooner or later, kn ieda? insya Allah :)
 girls just wanna have fun!
 cermin rumah, yeah
 bitches by the lake, hihi
 syok sendiri, perhaps? :P
 makan makan makan
 we are gorgeous, aren't we?
my daughters with aunty ieda, hekk :)

lee junho.

nak sangap jap boleh? alaa, kejap je. tak curang pun. janji tak! hihi.

 "listen to my heartbeat, it's beating for you"
"listen to my heartbeat, it's waiting for you"

ammar fiqri, i still love you no matter what, you're the best, no worry :D


  • is cute
  • spins me around with his arms
  • cuddles me with love
  • dances with me in the rain
  • tells me i'm beautiful
  • just want to have fun
  • whispers "i love you" on bad day
  • holds my hand
  • long walks just to talk
  • confesses all his feelings
  • late night phone calls
  • adorable smile
  • tickle fights

one thing.

when he says,
"i have the prettiest and perfect girlfriend, i don't want any other else except for this girl :)"
my heart suddenly melts.


indah nya hidup berkarok (Y)
dan melihat orang dating :D
haha, cilok gambar ieda dan ungku, no big deal aite?
love you guyssshhhh!
ewey <3 ieda
pahang <3 ungku
happy ending :)


remember this tshirt? remember this typical smile? remember this lady? these are all yours.

remember when we were form 2? we used to be very shy on each other. blushed everytime we met and felt cocky to talk, everything seems awkward. i once cried in front of you. i felt ashame of myself and i swore that i would never cry in front of you again, wish to act as a tough one but you always told me that you wanted to be there whenever i'm not okay, a cry shoulder of mine, yes you were. yet, you we always argued on things like, my-guy-bestfriend and things that were related to other men. however, we managed to endure all the resistances.

things went quit well when we were in form3. the year that i wish i could repeat back then. we used to smile at each other every morning, you sent me small notes and pasted it in my locker or else, you would just pretended to meet your friend and actually your intention was to catch a gesture on me. during KH period, we used to glance at each other and sometimes you winked at me. but as a normal lovebirds, we occasionally cried and argued on silly things. you would always chase for me and never went away if i asked you to go. first anniversary went sucks, but its okay. i still love you. PMR, we sat side by side, finally achieved the 8A's glory together. Alhamdulillah.

and now, this year, 2012. i pray for the best. not to argue silly things again, at least, argue less. minimize the jealousy, woah, kinda hard. and to love and be loved to no end. sekian, Assalamualaikum.

chasing pavements.

should i give up or should i just keep chasing pavements?


i do hurt, i love you.

wishing on the shooting stars.

ammar fiqri, what about this one? :)





and this is how dreadful i am with the books

but after all, BOOKS are the most spectacular company during exam weeks.

pray me the best and lets do the best, brilliante.

a long lonely night.

my dear,
i wonder what are you doing right now? is everything okay there? anything to tell me? i hope that everything is fine as wished. i have loads to tell you off, my crying shoulder. can you feel what i feel right now? i miss you, i do. i cried before i slept last night, but thank God, He let us met in my dream. a sense of marvel strikes me once i woke up this morning. i indeed happy to be with you. and i vow, i wouldn't trade you for the world. i love you.

beating up the villains.

for men whom always criticize women's figure, thanks for hurting us a lot, we are simply sensitive with your words about our figure. but its okay because

and for women who are lack of self-confidence because of those bad-mouthed guys, just believe in me, chin up, be the true colour of yourself because

for a gentleman.

  1. run with her on the beach
  2. give her your sweater when she's cold
  3. never talk about another girls in front of her
  4. learn to play the guitar for her
  5. comfort her when she's scared
  6. watch the sunset with her
  7. if she can't sleep, read her a bedtime story
  8. if you get in fight with her, and she starts to cry, just stop and hold her
  9. never force her to do anything
  10. call her beautiful especially when she least expects it
  11. play with her hair when she's laying on your chest
  12. always make the first move
  13. never let her walk home alone
  14. never lie to her, she'll find out
  15. kiss her when she's sleeping