i doubt you because you lied me once. i doubt you because you are mine. i doubt you because i wouldn't let you fall to someone else easily. it seems easy to hold. its not.

pursuit of happiness.

i wish my life is perfect. i wish my parents would accept the flaws i have. i wish they would talk to me more oftenly. i wish they would smile at me at all times. i wish they would listen to my sighs. i wish they would know how badly a growing tennage daughter needs love and attention. i wish they would always positive to me. i wish they wouldn't let me down with those saddening words. i wish they wouldn't blare their voice everytime i make mistake. i wish they would lecture me fondly and slowly, nothing to rush for anyways, i'm always home. i wish they would be a little more patient to guide me.

i make mistake. everyone does. no one to be blamed. why won't they give me a chance to mend my pasts? am i that bad? don't i deserve what everyone so called as love? im fragile. i do.

 i will smile to heal the broken soul. i will clean the dirty thoughts that keep on lingering my mind. i will strenghten the losing faith. i will because im a daughter. im a daughter who is apparently isolated from the real spoon of love.


at some points, i feel invisible to others. hmm.