prisoner, again.

i'm gonna miss kak yong, kak ngah, cik dah, mama, ayah, nana, adik, bibik, opah, atuk, laptop, katil and everything. sigh. pathetic nya jadi budak asrama -.-'

the heart robber.

me: i'm envying those pretty faces! i wish i could be like them.
him: sayang, look at the mirror, she is beautiful, most and forever she will be.

me: i'm afraid of losing you :'(
him: sayang, whatever happens, life have to move on, ingat tu selalu, don't give up on everything just because of one thing, okay sayang? even if i takde one day nanti, u kena teruskan hidup jugak tau.

me: i love you.
him: i love you more honey, let the whole world know!

his words are always relieving. thank you, heartbeat.