tearing me apart

i will never forget how loud your laugh were, in the fucking video. i don't deserve those from you. it can't ever be traced. lucky that slut.

to be honest

i can barely recognize you, ammar fiqri. i just miss the old days. we don't know each other anymore.

Screaming inside

It was 4 months ago. Fine. But do you realized it was also 2013. And it is also just A text message. I know my fault. And i'm sorry. What has happened, has happened. I can't turn back the time, if i could, i will fix everything up and make evrything back to normal again.

Tom Fletcher's Wedding Speech

this is a must watch video, please view.


i wish my husband will do the same.


im an anti-socialist. stay away from me!


i wish i'd know nothing. cause it's all vain now. sheesh. whatever lah doh. cause whatever happens, let a smile takes it all away lah kan.