sunday morning.

please do not distract. i'm in love :)

safe and sound.

ya Allah ya tuhanku, jika dia ialah pemilik tulang rusuk itu, kau panjangkanlah jodoh kami, berikanlah kejayaan kepada kami dalam menempuh kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat-Mu. dekatkanlah kami kepada-Mu. kau teguhkanlah kesetiaan antara kami. kau jauhkanlah kami dari was was dan syak wasangka. kau jauhkanlah kami daripada aniaya manusia atau jin. kau jadikanla kami berdua insan yang berguna di dunia dan akhirat-Mu. kau teguhkanlah iman kami. janganlah kau lebihkan cinta antara kami daripada cinta antara Kau dan aku ya Allah. jika engkau hendak pisahkan kami pun ya Allah, pisahkanlah kami dengan mati sahaja ya Allah. sesungguhnya, kau Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk hambaMu.

amin ya rabbal alamin.


your destiny will keep you on, don't be scared.

somewhere called school -..-

haih. this post is just like another ordinary-crapping-much post. well, by me. i'm gonna tell you how lazy-ass i am when it goes to school thingy. wake up at 6, go to school at 7, learning session till 2, either co-curriculum or planned prep till 4.30, then recreation till 6 or sometimes 6.30, go for night prep again at 8, supper at 10.30, al-mulk recital at 11, settling down all the things till 12.30, and nah, i can only go to sleep at 1 a.m! argh, what a stressful life -.-

nevertheless, school is actually not that bad. i'm sorry for exaggerating, my bad *peace. the things that make me   enthusiastic to go back to school are as follows:

  1. loved ones, he is the main reason i'm going back to school, i'm dying without him!
  2. resilient, well, i can say that it is impossible for me to survive without them in the school.
  3. renaissance, awhh, my another big family, my career, my life.
  4. 4 Setia, they just living up my day :3
  5. dormates, sisters that i mostly love after all <3
okay, i'm going back to school now!