strong, i guess

it has been quit some times since the last 'i love you'
you'll never know how to appreciate someone until you lose them
if you are a human, then you'll know how sucks you have to deal with it
if you are a robot, then you'll know nothing and will just stumble upon it
you decide, i'll accept.
i am human, i have feelings. till then, thank you.

stand up and..

i will smile, today and forever


though i may not get see you as often as i wish, my heart is always here, for you, still and strong. you are always on my mind, still. we are together now, still. but, the acts and behaviours, keep on changing day by day. i'm typing with an only hope. i hope that you realize how much have you changed into someone i never knew these days.

i miss you, i miss the way you treat me before. i want the old childish you. i don't want you to grow up. i don't want you to think of being a man. you are a man, since the very first day i met you. it just.. i miss you so much. it ain't typical. its because i miss the old you.

you tickled me with your compliments. used to i mean. but its okay. at least you love me, still. like i do. it sickens me how time could change someone. i wish we'll never grow old. if it does, i want to grow old with you. is it that complicated?

my dear,
i miss you. really. i'm tired of being ignored. i need attention. i need to laugh with your jokes though it hurts sometimes. please, i miss you :/