to her

hello there! the one whose name started with the letter A and S for the second syllable.

as for you to know, i stalk you almost everyday, almost everytime. why? i don't know. its not that im obsessed to know you, it as though im envying you, maybe a bit. you have that strong force of attraction that makes me google you all the way, read your un-updated blog, stalk your instagram, stalk all your tweets and also, facebook. we once argued about the silly little thing, specifically its about boys, no, a boy. oh, thats too obvious and im not going to reveal to anyone who you are.

though we are not in the same school, i just hoped that you got those straight A's for your PMR and be my schoolmate. so i'd know you more. yes, i really want to know you and be your friend and hang up with you just like i did with my other friends. i don't know why. you're like haunting my dreams, everynight of me being friends with you. i want you to know me. and vice versa. if you're reading this and you think you're the one, you might possibly ask my number to anyone closed to you. they know me. how desperate i am.

its sad to know that there's know way i could be your friend. of pasts mistake i did, it feels as if i'm an insecure bitch who is awkwardly finding my own social life.

gah, what has gotten into me?