alya zulkifli.

hello kak alya :)

i miss you so much! the moment we're lying on the bed, and gossip with hanys, syifaa, kak aainaa and kak intan. and also when we watched movie in kak intan's notebook. thank you for caring much all these days. thank you for being a good listener all these while. thank you for every joke that made me carved a smile. thank you for all foods you gave when my stomach starved. thank you for giving us motivation to face pmr. thank you for wiping tears when i don't have anybody to do so. thank you for showing me a good example of being a good sister and also friend. thank you kak alya.

dearest kak alya,

i adore your toughness. i adore your confidence. i love your cute smile. i love your lips. i want your leadership credibility. i want to be as smart as you. i want to be as loyal as you. i wish to be as cute as you. i wish to meet your clone next year. you are irreplaceable. take care, be tough throughout obstacles and everything that'll bother you someday.

i love you, alya zulkifli