things to do while alive.

  1. get a cuddle from parents, well i just never get one.

  2. be a successful lady, with loads wealth.

  3. build a house in the deep sea.

  4. collect all the apple gadgets *iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook.

  5. be married to the one i love and choose and wish to be with *highschool lover hopefully.

  6. sleep all over the day.

  7. build a hospital just for the poors and orphans.

  8. get a tour to all over the world with the one i love.

  9. gossip with girlfriends till anyone can't say a word anymore.

  10. eat ice cream with boyfriend while planning some impossible thing to do in future and laugh non-stop.

  11. have a sweet sixteen party for my 16th birthday just like in mtv.

  12. have a life of deluxe and glamour just like kardashian's family had.

  13. struggle to learn on how to swim, dive etc (Y), if possible, get a diving license.

  14. own a modelling or arts or photography company.

  15. chasing in the rain with boyfriend, and have a kiss after that.

  16. buy some luxury cars *i pick audi for that

  17. be the most beautiful wife, a husband can have.

well, just wish that dreams come true.