hello, im still alive!

sigh in relief. it has been quite sometimes since i last wrote in my abandoned despite a whole crap neglected blog. nothing private but im just too attached too tumblr these days, as i said earlier. there are tons of homeworks need to be done. i just can't wait for everything to end and for me to be at ease.

the school life is about to start. again. and 2013 is a year full of huge commitments and still a long way to finish. the massive exam which is SPM awaits and it scares me loads. i got a long way list of things-to-do after school! yay! just another run through this one year and everything seems to be over. i hate school, everyone does. i bet.

i hate school for some discouraging reasons. i hate the competition the school offers, no no, the Resilient offers. bull to the shit. if you're in my shoes, then you'll know how it feels to be me. to be a Resilient crew, to be a form 4 student. wasting times is something to no avail, yet it is something that strengthen the bond between me and the girls. they'd never fail to show me affections whenever i'm so welled up by tears.

oh, i miss them so much now. the laughters we squealed up all night, the gossips we spread dorm by dorm. the secrets we'd never keep. the surprises we made when the clock hand turns 12 at midnight. the scream shrieking by jokes and sacrcasm. and the fun we had throughout four years being together. through reality and trance. we keep on holding on together.

to embark a new year, i wish everyone an overjoyed fortune, shall us together to stand as one again as before. i miss those things though. i love you resilient babies :*