to my dearest Raja Farah Afiqah

with her ssp/tkc so called style :P

im congratulating you for whatever result you've achieved, i hope it's not too late for me to carve a smile on your pretty lips. firstly, im showing you some kinda efforts because i need to tell you that i do love you.

PMR is just a test to help you on making decision of choosing your stream during form 4. you don't have to be ashamed of not getting 8A's, 7 is a big number. everyone is proud of you, so do i. i know you've made it to the fullest. i know you are one strong girl. so, don't break just because of you've failed to fulfill everyone's expectation. believe me, its an astonishing achievement you've got. don't ever dare to regret because God is giving you some other chance for you to grab. i know how it feels to be you farah. but one thing you also need to know is, everyone is envying your perfect life too. as for me, you have caring parents who'll always be at your back to catch you when you're falling. they love you for the way their daughter are. be grateful. there's no lacking in you. you are just perfectly perfect in being yourself. i know, you have a really big potential in the future, kiddo. its just you who haven't discover what it would be soon.

my dear,
i'm pleading. what past consider as pasts. there's no turning back on what you've done before. i do regret of the thing i missed, the thing i failed to do and so on. but, we still have future to face off. do what you want to do. don't cramp up your mind with those absurdity. form 4 is another tough task you need to face. you got to learn a lot from now on. form 4 isn't really a honeymoon year i tell you. so, make everyone proud of your result for SPM. i know you can.