im here again!

so just now i thought of something i usually write. which is of my feeling. again.

hello Ammar Fiqri! long time nothing written about you aite? with sincerity and passion, it happens for me to say i miss you! i'm hoping you're doing over-fine there. cause i'm super-fine here. i wish. well, no more romantic and tempting words, you say? here i go!

cause i'm no poetry, i ain't yet a psychatrist neither an angel to protect you. but i'll remain here to love you to no end. i'm no poetry to compose a lovely poem to you. i ain't yet a psychatrist to read your mind and reveal your frailty. i'm she. who used to love you for an uncountable times a day. for the count of grains of the sand in the world.

would you remember me? as the one who laughed with you all night long during phonecalls, the one who told you to eat everyday and would never care of how bloated you're tummy would be after that, the one who furiously sent you text when you fell asleep, the one who answered you're subuh demand calls, the one who i'd say the first thing that'd always came up first everytime you awake from sleep.

no one cares and nobody will of the feelings that we share. it's nothing to be flaunt because it is genuinely came from us. i'd say i love you everyday to you, but have you ever examined how determine i am and how deep are those three words for me? it's called awesome threesome by the way. you wouldn't know because you won't. i'm waiting because that's a promise. and i promised you there will be no regret again this time.

enough for tonight i think. everynight seems restless without you here. and i promise you, i'd nonetheless love you like before when i wake up tomorrow.